We arrived at Full Moon resort at appox. 5:00pm on Friday after winding our way up the mountain road. Getting out of the car, we were greeted by Matt, Meg & Andy Herrick sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the side lawn of Northern Lights, having a cool frosty beverage....

We walked down the dirt road, passing the pond along the way, searching for the elusive campers... in the "Valley of Revelry". After crossing what appeared to be about a 17 acre field, we found them...all the way at the other end...

It seemed to be a scene straight out of "Survivor", with the elusive campers cursing the neighbors tent for having 4 tikki torches, and the elusive ones having none...and the bugs were really thirsty!

Allen & Al, caretakers at The Full Moon, were onhand to cheer on the elusive ones...as the rivalry heated up between the tents..

Then...Bob K. and Henry, one of the owners of The Full Moon, appeared out of nowhere!...bringing love back to the elusive campers, giving them a peace offering of their own Tikki torch!!
( please note, Henry is doing all the work)

Once again, peace and harmony rang out in the "Valley of Revelry"...and drinks and good cheer, prevailed

I began making my trek through the "Valley of Revelry", stopping and saying hello to everyone. That's the spirit Jessica!

On followed many tents...the valley all seemed to be on the same page, and I deducted throughtout my journey, everyone was captured by the beauty and community they had created....

Rival campers with the 4 Tikki torches and a Coleman lantern!

Sirckus and TJ at the same campsite?! This can only be trouble!

While traveling, I witnessed a Olympic game of frisbee....

I finished my travels and ended up back at the elusive's tent...where upon I decided it was time to get back to civilization, and have some dinner and prepare for the nights activities..

Everything was so Zen!.....

At about 9:00pm, walked across the road to the club, a beautiful old restored barn, complete with a stone fireplace and so much ambience! The band came on, and started out with a wonderful acoustic set, opening with The New Real Rhythm, in which John came out of the firing on all engiines,rattling the foundation from take off, with Adam close behind ripping a killer acoustic solo. 9lb. Hammer followed with Nate and Adam dueling it out..then they did a great version of The Black Crowes Wiser Time, which Nate tore up the keyboards with a fantastic solo.Sideways Train, and one of the sweetest versions of Same Ol' River I have ever seen these guys do!! The always fun Borrowed Feet came next, and then a full band 40 Reasons, with Reid's soulful vocals tearing out the hearts of all of us. The set ended with Filter, which Nate masterfully navigated.

Anyone else think the Spokenville banner was modeled after Reid?

Set 2
Began with Lost & Amazed, with Andy starting a drumroll, that went on and on and on...and finally Nate came in...and that went on and on and finally Reid began singing the song...Adam was nowhere to be found! But Adam being quick like a cheetah, ran and hopped onsatage, and dove right into his part...the ever so wonderful Sweet Libation followed, with a kick ass Westerly with a Lone Tree middle, got everyone dancing. 45 Degrees came next, with a pounding wild solo by Nate. Revelry immediately got the crowd into a frenzy, and afterwards Reid dedicated it to The Alcoholic Elf King. Side Step Blue found Adam tearing up his guitar with sweet riffs, then Nate took the helm and sang Grand Design. The second set ended with a great version of Cabin John, with the whole audience moving as one.

After an extended break,the band got back to it for Set 3. I didn't have a watch, but it was probably about 1am by now. One of the more incredible aspects of this band is it appears the more they party, the better they sound! They came out rockin' with an awesome King Harvest sung by Nate, Adam completely shredded a solo on this. This was followed by Corpus Christi, with Nate nailing an amazing organ solo,and Adam was tapped on the shoulder once again by some invisible force, it may have been Adam standing onstage, but the magic being produced from his guitar wasn't natural!
HOLY S**T!!!!

Listen to SONGBEARD!!
<-Adam being captured by guitar gods

Stouthearted Man came next with Adam still within the magic zone, and like a good bottle of liquor it was being passed around to each band member. Nate went insane on his solo, and John just decided the barn had stood for 100 years, so he was going to test every board holding it down..with a thundering bassline. Etta James followed as they tried to tame the wild muse but the muse would have none of that.The Harrower found Adam once again being teased by the force..AND THEN!!
Reid broke a string, inspiring the classic perfect lounge lizard attitude,everyone put on their leisure suits as Reid sang
"The Ode To The Full Moon!!

...and Reid got captured by the muse, and his vocals on Long Dead were unbelievable. As if they knew something bigger than themselves was present, they launched into Amplified Messiah, with powerful pounding strength. John almost broke a sweat!...The band gathered over to the side of the stage, as the audience screamed for more. They returned with a blistering 15 Arrows. The night ended with a fabulous verison of Low Country, with the band seeming to still have more energy left, One would never know they just played for 5 hours!!

We were told by Mike & Al, that there had been a campfire built down in the "Valley Of Revelry", so we headed down there to check it out.There we found a dozen or so people sitting around a blazing fire,Bob K. tended the logs, with Adam chatting about bad B-movies...which were the worse, which were the best.
Adam's favorite B-movie you ask? The Squirm!
A few other things happened at fireside, but my details are a bit fuzzy. We finally headed up to bed around 4:30am, with the fire still burning in the distance... So ended day one of The New Real Rhythm Revival...what a fantastic trip it's been so far!