The Assembly Of Dust

By Written by Alan Chase

Friday night at The Music Hall, Reid Genauer, a remarkable singer-songwriter, will debut his new band, the Assembly Of Dust, in a CD release performance at 7 p.m. Genauer, the former singer and co-founder of the Vermont-based band Strangefolk, will be joined by Nate Wilson on keyboards, Adam Terrell on guitar, John Leccese on bass and Andy Herrick on drums. Al Schier of moe. will perform an opening, acoustic set. I heard Genauer's band in a performance last April at the Somerville Theater and was very impressed by the quality of his songwriting, and by his clear, powerful singing.

His songs have an upbeat quality that blend elements of folk, pop, blues and a little jazz into a distinctive style that is all his own. After a couple of years as a solo performer, Genauer decided to form this new band.

The band is excellent, especially guitarist Adam Terrell, who impresses me every time I hear him, as does Nate Wilson, who has developed into one of the most versatile and creative keyboard players in the area. Leccese and Herrick are a rock-solid rhythm section with a terrific groove and are both capable of taking the music in a variety of directions.

This is a potent band, with a broad horizon ahead of them, and the ability to go where their imaginations take them. The new CD, titled "The Assembly of Dust," gives a strong indication of the power that this group of talented musicians possesses.