CD Review

Assembly of Dust
By Shane Handler
February 28, 2007

With their studio debut Recollection, The Assembly of Dust have made their Workingmans Dead. Like the classic 70s country/western themed album, this ten song collection is also influenced of the multi-talented musicianship and country/rock themes of The Band and the jazz-chops of Steely Dan. Front-man and self-described verbal photographer Reid Genauer effortlessly evokes a film before your ears with his narrative lyrics, endearing the words of Robert Hunter.

However, its the country palette on Recollection that gives Assembly of Dust an older and wiser sound. From the upbeat rambler,Telling Sue,the tender Honest Hour and lonesome prairie pedal steel of 40 Reasons, Recollection holds true crossover appeal. Other highlights include the sing-along chorus of Whistle Clock,the stripped down Dire Straits rock of Samuel Aging and the haunting ballad Zero to the Skin. Much can be said about the talents of the cast, as keyboardist Nate Wilson and guitarist Adam Terrell have stepped up as song-writers and band leaders to round out the sound.

It's obvious Assembly of Dust are hoping to win over some new fans here, however there is still some of that happy hippy funk sprinkled within, that might turn off those unfamiliar with the bands epic live shows. However, its hard to knock the song-writing on this effort, as Recollection proves, yes, it is possible for a "live" band to make an excellent studio recording.