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When complications regarding Reid Genauer's former band - Strangefolk - reached an unproductive height six years ago, he decided to pursue an MBA at Cornell University. While his updated resume surely gave him the opportunity to pursue other interests, his love of making music once again led him towards forming a new band. Drawing from several local acts, Genauer ended up with a group of four highly practiced musicians whose synergy as a core quickly proved to be the ideal backing for Reid's tunes.

In summary, Assembly of Dust is a band that manages, quite simply, to evoke a genuine level of Americana unseen in most modern music today. Combine accessible lyrics of the Crosby Stills and Nash vein with soulful delivery reminiscent of The Band, and you're left with original tunes like "40 Reasons," "Whistleclock," "Grand Design," and "Truck Farm," all cuts off their newest album - Recollection. Though their live shows exhibit their prowess far better than their studio efforts, it the band's ability to allow their jams to develop organically into huge climaxes that most efficiently describes why Assembly of Dust is such a raw act. Despite both lead musicians recieving sincere praise from OTHER MUSICIANS after almost every gig, it is Adam Terrell (Lead Guitar) and Nate Wilson's (Piano, B3 Organ) softspoken personalities and way of playing with humility that makes their absolutely blistering solos become so loudly pronounced. By the same token, without AOD's rhythm section being grounded by Andy Herrick's metronomic drumming and John Leccesse's steady Modulus five-string bass grooves, the two aforementioned wizards would be unable to achieve such heights. Topped with Reid's acoustic playing and vocal capacity, Assembly of Dust truly has a serious chemisty that will soon become noticed by more than their devoted fanbase.

Having played at nearly every festival including Bonnaroo, Langerado, 10KLF, Wakarusa, All Good, Gathering of the Vibes, Newport Folk, and countless Wormtown Trading Co. events, their popularity has seen an unprecedented rise over the past year. Live recordings are available throughout, while streams of their records are available through Enjoy!