Beyond the Verge

Written by The Editors of Relix

be-yond (bi yšnd) prep. : more or better than; exceeding; surpassing.
verge (vurj) n. : the edge, brink or margin (of something).


Reid Genauer left Strangefolk in the fall of 2000 and decided to attend business school at Cornell University, where he recently received his M.B.A. After being away from the live music scene for a few months, he began going through withdrawal.
"Iím definitely an addict," says Genauer. "Iím a habitual music user and it was not necessarily a conscious decision to get back into performing. I just went out and played a couple open mic nights. I really felt high from the experience and realized I needed to play music in one way, shape or form."
Reid spent last summer in New Hampshire, where he assembled a group of old friends for a few informal gigs. The lineup remains the same today: drummer Andy Herrick (Moon Boot Lover), bassist John Leccese (Percy Hill), guitarist Adam Terrell (Groovechild) and keyboardist Nate Wilson (Percy Hill).
The group capitalizes on Genauerís powerful voice and catchy songwriting, but also utilizes the road-tested improvisational chops of the veteran roster. It is a refreshing balance. The band has performed infrequently over the last year, but has risen to each occasion, playing in front of packed crowds on the East Coast.
"The energy has been literally through the roof," says Reid. "My goal is to do whatever I can to enhance that; to bottle that so that itís as intense and vibrant and prolific as possible every night. If that means playing fewer nights, then thatís what Iím dedicated to doing."
Over the past several months, the quintet has been in the studio working on an album to be released in late fall or early winter. It will be comprised of both brand-new material, as well as some of Reidís songs that were performed by Strangefolk but never released. The group will tour in the fall in support of the disc.As for the future, Genauer is taking it one day at a time.
"Iím really a junkie to the extent that I want to be moved and move people with my music. When the ability to do that is impaired by the other realities of life, it becomes a dysfunctional equation for me. My goal is to play as much music as often as I can while maintaining the functionality."

Current Base of Operation: N/A
(the members live in different locations)
Formed: 2001
Essential Listening: "45 Degrees," "Love Junkie" and "Sideways Train"
Band members: Reid Genauer (guitar), Andy Herrick (drums), John Leccese (bass),
Adam Terrell (guitar) and Nate Wilson (keyboards)