An Evening with Reid Genauer

Written by Ann Collette
Spring 2001

In a little café on the east side of Ithaca, NY, eighty-five people, some who weathered ten hour journeys, gathered for an intimate evening with an old friend. The venue itself set the tone for this most memorable event. The ABC Café, a vegetarian restaurant and music haven, located at 308 Stewart Ave., was the scene of a stellar performance given by Reid Genauer, singer/songwriter and former lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the ever popular Strangefolk. After Genauer left the band last fall to pursue other interests, his fans languished in remorse waiting and hoping for the announcement of a solo date. On March 3rd, their long awaited hopes became a reality as Genauer sang his heart out at the sold out performance. After a much-needed break from a life on tour, an energized and refreshed Genauer was back in the spot light and never looked happier. With his guitar strapped in front of him, this storyteller sang tales both old and new to a group of exhilarated fans who hung on his every word.

Twenty-eight songs in two and half hours, Genauer tore through a myriad of intense tunes, taking the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. "Things That Fly" brought tears to a few eyes, while "Dance!" and "Side Step" blew the roof off the place and brought people to their feet. The evening was a reunion of sorts for Genauer fans who reminisced as Reid delivered classic versions of yesteryear songs like "Poland", "Woman Child", "Westerly", "Pooh Bear", "Valhalla" and "Rachael". The scope of the set list featured a musical repertoire that clearly defines Genauer as one of today's most creative, inspirational and talented singer/songwriters. Encompassing an already hefty set list was the addition of "Borrowed Feet", a new addition to the classic creations crafted by Genauer.

When all was said and done, eighty-five glowing Genauer fans were treated to an evening they will not soon forget. With a standing ovation from a jubilant crowd, smiles abound as Reid took a humble bow and said farewell for the evening. Is Reid Genauer back? This Genauer fan now knows that he never really left, and while his band of trusty followers are preparing for his next solo gig scheduled for March 31st at the OPL in Syracuse, one can only hope that this is the beginning of something wonderful.