A Personal Welcome From Miranda, Timmy, Zimmy and Me (R. Reinhold Genauer)

My intent last in last week's communication via my alter ego "Zimmy" was to introduce my digital facelift at and to ask your opinion as to what Timmy might have been doing up on the veranda, and what about Miranda? For those of you who struggle with pronouncing my last name, today is your day of reckoning (again). Think about it like this:

Jen-Hour = Gen-auer = Genauer =

My middle name is Reinhold and there simply is no reckoning with that. Sometimes we just have to accept the things we don't have the power to change.

With 4 chins, 3 kids, 2 bands and a career as an entrepreneur, Iíve got a lot of crap floating around the internet, Dropbox and my laundry basket, and I thought that having a website might be a constructive way of pulling it all together.

Hereís a quick glance at what you can expect.

Reid Genauer & Folks New Album and Kickstarter:

Beta Testing #ConspireToSmile. For those of you that missed the goings-on this past Friday, you may have noticed that I, along with Jon Trafton, John Leccese, Dave (Double D) Diamond, Jay Lane and Jason Crosby, affirmed that face melting soft rock is in fact a genre of music at Great American Music Hall. We have a class action law suit pending against the Grammys for not including it as a formally recognized category.

Equally as importantly, last Friday was a "beta test" of a larger idea, a social thought experiment that I have been tagging many of my posts with #ConspireToSmile. Besides being a fun thing to say, Conspire to Smile is an album and a social experiment designed to kickstart compassion and community in 2018. It's a conspiracy to shift our shared sentiment from pessimism to possibility. And last Friday night proved that it works with statistical significance and empirical quantum physics. That sh*t is real! Broad smiles were bouncing around the room at GAMH from ceiling to floor and horizontally in all directions. All joking aside, everyone there came in with the same conspiratorial intent and everyone, including me, walked out the better for it. I'm still floating on the recollection of the evening. My co-conspirators for the album include all of current members of Strangefolk, Assembly of Dust and a gaggle of soft rock face melters from our extended musical community. If you have yet to, please check out my site to learn how to #ConspireTo Smile.