Reid Genauer

(From the Revolving Door

Q: The beginning of September was a sad time for us fans. I was wondering if you can tell me what lead to your decision to leave Strangefolk?

A: Tough question. I guess what it really came down to was I was tired of being on the road I just felt worn out. I lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel and started to feel hemmed in. In the words of the great songwriter and musician Erik Glockler "I lost my way"

Q: Could you share one of your fondest memories from the evoltion of the band? Do you have a lasting moment that will always be with you about your growth as a band?

A: I have so many wonderful memories, enough to last a life time One of the greatest though, was our second or third "Garden of Eden" show. I remember looking out over Mad River Glen and seeing small city of tents and people gathered waiting to hear our music, it felt like a giant bloosom after a long winter

Q: What was your take on the delay of the album? What exactly happened
with Mammoth and was this a turning point for you?

A: It was a turning point for me. Mammoth just plain and simple got screwed up. Disney had bought them for a large sum and when they were not getting the retuurns they had hoped for they bailed. Unfortunelty one of the repercussions of Disney bailing on Mammoth is that Mammoth bailed on us. There was no malice or ill will, we just got caught in the cogs of corporate America.

Q:What was Jon,Luke, and Erik's initial reaction to your decision to leave the band?

A: They were really disappointed in me. I can understand why. I was very disappointed as well.

Q:Have the rest of your fans been supportive of your decision?

A: The people who are close to me have been very supportive. I can't really say about the rest. I'm sure there are some big question marks in peoples heads. All I can say is that unless you are given experience it's hard to understand what it's all about. Even if you are living a certain reality it's hard to know what it's all about. One of the things that people are attracted to about Rock'n'Roll is a sense of glamour. While that is definitely an aspect of playing music it is more of a veneer than anything else. Rock'n'Roll is a lifestyle of extremes

Q:I hear your in college?

A:Indeed. Grad school.

Q:What interests you in career possibilites outside music?

A:Got me!?!?!? I'm still interested in music. Besides that I am interested in writing, childrens books, adult books and enviromental issues. I guess time will tell.

A: I'm not really sure.I love to play. I'm a snievling addict. I am it, or it is me, how ever you want to look at it.

Q: The change from being a touring artist, to moving towards a less chaotic life is extremely hard to get used to! What goals are you concentrating on in your life?

A: It's has been a hard transtion. My main goal in life is to find happiness and peace of mind for myself and my loved ones. Sure I have other goals and this one sounds cliche' or cheesy, but when comes right down to it I just want to feel as good as I possibly can for as long as I possibly can.