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Lady Madonna

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Lady Madonna, children at your feet Wonder how you manage to make ends meet Who find the money when you pay the rent Did you think that money was heaven sent Friday night arrives without a suitcase Sunday morning creeping like a nun Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlegs See how they run Lady Madonna, baby at your breast Wonders how you manage to feed the rest Pa pa pa pa... See how they run Lady Madonna lying on the bed Listen to the music playing in your head Tuesday afternoon is never ending Wednesday morning papers didn't come Thursday night you stocking needed mending See how they run Lady Madonna, children at your feet Wonder how you manage to make ends meet

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History of the song:
In March 1968, it was released as a single, backed with "The Inner Light". The song was recorded on 3 and 6 February 1968 before the Beatles left for India. This single was the last release by the band on Parlophone in the United Kingdom, where it reached number one, and Capitol Records in the United States, where it reached number four. All subsequent releases, starting with "Hey Jude" in August 1968, were released on their own label Apple Records, under EMI distribution, until the late 1970s, when Capitol and Parlophone re-released old material.

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The piano playing on this song was inspired by 1950s rock/blues pianist, Fats Domino. McCartney recalled in 1994, "'Lady Madonna' was me sitting down at the piano trying to write a bluesy boogie-woogie thing ... It reminded me of Fats Domino for some reason, so I started singing a Fats Domino impression. It took my voice to a very odd place." Domino himself covered the song later in 1968, and it became his most recent U.S. Hot 100 hit (peaking at exactly #100). The song, and in particular the introduction, are similar to Humphrey Lyttelton's "Bad Penny Blues" from 1956.
John Lennon helped write the lyrics, which give an account of an overworked, exhausted (possibly single) mother, facing a new problem each day of the week. The "see how they run" bit was also contributed by him (and was a theme that had been used in the previous year's "I Am the Walrus"). McCartney would later deem it a "How do they do it?!" tribute. The lyrics miss Saturday, however; in a 1992 interview, McCartney, who only realised the omission many years later, half-jokingly suggested that, given the difficulties of the other six days, the woman in the song likely went out and had a good time that night. e saxophone solo was played by British jazz musician and club owner Ronnie Scott.

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03-25-2011-Erik Glocker

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