Assembly of Dust

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History of the song:
Original Release date: 1970
Album: American Beauty

Weir: There was a romance about being a young man on the road in America, and you had to do it! It was a rite of passage. And at the same time, it was the material that you drew from to write about. We were starting to become real guys, and really enjoying the hell out of it. We toured more or less four to six months out of the year. It was our bread and butter-we weren't selling that many records. And we had a lot of fun out on the road, got into a lot of trouble... We left some smoking craters of some Holiday Inns, I'll say that, and there were a lot of places that wouldn't have us back. All of this is absolutely autobiographical, all the stuff in "Truckin."
Hunter: This was written over a long period of time. And there were lots-I had a verse: "Once in a while the music gets into the street, fifty old ladies bug every cop on the beat, they're putting the lock on Lindley Meadow and Kezar, beginnin' to look like we can't play in the park." Yeah, that kind of stuff, had lots and lots of verses, I thought, we had all thought that we could keep adding to Truckin over the years, but the funny thing is, once you get it down, it is down. You don't go back, you don't revisit it.
Hart: It was autobiographical. We told our story in song. So, I knew that the words were strong. They were powerful, they were depicting real events in real people's lives, and they became part of the fabric, part of the history of our day. People could sing it and know there were events directly connected with it.
Lesh: In those days there wasn't any rock and roll bubble that would isolate us from the world as we went through it. So the walls of the hotels were all thin, and we didn't charter planes, so we flew commercial when we flew, and a lot of times we took buses, and I see a group of much younger people doing things in a way that I envy, now, looking back on it.

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Written by The Grateful Dead(Robert Hunter- words

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August 22, 2003 45 Degrees->Truckin'->45 Degrees
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