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Hey Hey What Can I Do?

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This song has been played live 3 time/s.

History of the song:
Original release date: 1970
B side single of The Immigrant Song

It is one of the more famous Led Zeppelin songs never to be released on one of their albums during the band's existence, and it's the only non-album Led Zeppelin song released between 1968 and 1990. The lyrics of the song tell of a man's love for a woman (possibly a prostitute) that he will never have all to himself; a woman who 'wants to ball all day', 'stays drunk all the time', and who 'won't be true.' The first verse is a declaration of his love and his desire to tell her that she is the only one for him. The second verse describes her infidelity and his jealousy and frustration. In the third verse he comes to the conclusion that he must leave her 'where the guitars play'
ABC television series, What About Brian, is a show based on the theme of Hey Hey What Can I Do.

This is a cover song and has been played on these occasions:

Written by Led Zepplin(Page/Plant)

No guest artists have performed this song

This songs hasn't been performed as a part of 'Assembly of Mud'.

'Assembly of Dirt' have performed this song on these occasions:

April 21, 2007
Mexicali blues Cafe Teaneck NJ

This songs hasn't been performed as a part of 'Assembly of Wood'.

This song has not been a segue.