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Champagne Supernova

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This song has been played live 6 time/s.

History of the song:

Original release date: May 13, 1996

Written by Noel Gallagher and sung by his brother Liam. The seven-minute anthem is the closing track on the record-breaking album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?. Though only released as a single in Australia, a music video was released to the music channels and, as a result, the song received much television and radio airplay. Noel Gallagher got the title when he misheard the name of the Pixies album Bossanova while watching a documentary about champagne.
Another version of the story is that a "champagne supernova" is the experience of smoking marijuana while drinking champagne. Gallagher later purchased a house in North London that he named "Supernova Heights".
Noel came up with the phrase "Caught beneath the landslide" when he saw an Alessi Gianni sugar jar in his girlfriend's kitchen.
The first time Noel played the song to the rest of the band an acoustic version on the tour bus rhythm guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs cried.
Paul Weller, former frontman of The Jam and friend of Oasis, provided the lead guitar and some of the backing vocals on the track.
In May 2007, NME magazine placed "Champagne Supernova" at number 39 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever.

This is a cover song and has been played on these occasions:

Written by Oasis(Noel Gallagher)

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